COVID-19 related FAQ

Everyday we feed several thousands of our friends, employees, and family members.  Our safety procedures aren't just business decisions--they protect those we love.

frequently asked questions


Are your employees healthy?

Weeks ago we put in place strict procedures regarding our employees' health.   We’ve communicated extensively with them and they know not to even come in the door if they have even the slightest of symptoms. Once they enter the building, each employee goes through a 9-step check in process which includes two different handwashes, checking each of them for fever, completing a health questionnaire about symptoms and contact they’ve had with others, sanitizing their cell phones, etc.  We've been doing all of this since mid March--and we're really good at it!

What if an employee just has a cold?

According to UCHD guidelines, employees who have even one mild symptom of COVID-19 are ineligible to work.  Needless to say, we've had several employees with slight colds or runny noses who have been excluded temporarily from our workforce.  These employees have to be symptom free for at least 72 hours before they are allowed to return to work.

Have any of your employees tested positive for COVID-19?

 Not yet, but we expect it to happen eventually.  When that happens, or if an employee has close contact with someone else that tests positive, we have plans and processes in place to deal with the matter.  These plans and processes are based on current UCHD & CDC guidelines.     

Why do you stand so far away when you take my drive-thru order?

By most accounts, COVID-19 spreads most effectively through small respiratory droplets.  When one person coughs, sneezes, or even breathes these droplets out--a person in close proximity can easily breathe them in.  Social distancing has been proven to work against this virus and that's why we'll always try to stay at least 6 feet away from your vehicle.  We know it makes it harder to communicate, but we feel it's worth the inconvenience.

Why don't you have me swipe my own card?

We've had to ask ourselves which is more dangerous--to touch the same card another person has touched or to get as close as 18"-24" from that person?  We've experimented extensively with right-handed individuals sitting in a car trying to swipe their own card without touching any part of the iPad or card reader.  To make it work, the customer & employee have to be really, really close.  We know a lot of businesses do it this way, we just don't think it's the safest approach.  We've opted to keep our distance, swipe the card ourselves, and then sanitize our gloves between each card in accordance with current UCHD & CDC guidelines.

Do you wear gloves?

Yes, anyone handling food or interacting with customers wears gloves.  They also change those gloves frequently and wash their hands each time.  To make it even safer, we use a color-coded glove system--white gloves are for food and packaging, blue gloves indicate the employee is working with cash and credit cards.  That way we don't accidentally have an employee who has handled cash or credit cards participate in food prep or order delivery.  That's currently prohibited by the UCHD.

Got a question of your own?

We'd love to hear and respond to any question you have about our safety practices.  Just email us at and we'll either email you back or post the answer here.